Gorilla Cookies


  • Lineage: Thin Mint Cookies x GG4
  • Breeder: Johnny N
  • Flower Time: 56-63 Days
  • Structure: Bushy, dark green, medium width leaves, fat floral calyxes, resinous
  • Yield: High
  • Total Cannabinoids: 26%
  • Aroma/Flavor: lemon, pine, cookie dough, apricot, earthy
  • Feeling: Euphoric, pain relief, increases appetite

Gorilla Cookies is a cross of Thin Mint Cookies x GG4, breeder by Johnny N. This cultivar is a superstar: vigorous grower, high yielder, and total cannabinoid levels of 26%. Typical flower time is 56-63 days. Plants is bushy with dark green medium width leaves and fat floral calyxes. Not to mention the resin making it a great selection for extractors. Gorilla Cookies provides classic flavors of lemon, pine, and earth with hints of cookies dough and apricot. Users report feeling euphoric and the strain is know to provide pain relief and increase appetite making a perfect medicinal strain.


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