Cherry Punch


  • Lineage: Cherry AK x Purple Punch
  • Breeder: Symbiotic Genetics
  • Flower Time: 54-58 Days
  • Structure: Stout, Moderate Stretch
  • Yield: Average-Above Average
  • Total Cannabinoids: ≥ 22 – 26%
  • Aroma/Flavor: Silky Cherries Sweetness, Earthy Hash
  • Feeling: Uplifting and relaxing

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Cherry Punch is a cross of Cherry AK x Purple Punch F2, bred by Symbiotic Genetics. Unique, complex, dense fruity/citrus terpene profile combined with vigorous growth. This pheno flowers earlier than others and can be pushed hard once established. Average flower time is 54-58 days and is an above average yielder with total cannabinoid levels of 22-26%. Frosty with a deep dark green color sprinkled with hints of purple and orange hairs, giving it excellent bag appeal — thanks to the AK47 lineage. Not as common as many other cultivars, and for that reason, it can often be sold at a premium when grown properly. Michigan consumers report a rich potent cherry fruity smell with a bit of dank skunk appeal. Consumers report feeling uplifted and relaxed.

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Cherry AK x Purple Punch