• Lineage: Gelato x OG Biscotti
  • Breeder: Cookies
  • Flower Time: 60-63 Days
  • Structure: Bushy, Dense Colas, Open Structure, Breeders Delight
  • Yield: Above Average
  • Total Cannabinoids: 22%
  • Aroma/Flavor: Sweet & Sour, Fruity Berry, Menthol
  • Feeling: Relaxing and euphoric
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Gelatti is a cross of Gelato and Biscotti, bred by Cookies. This strain is hard to find outside of California and is well worth the award if comes into ones possession. The average flower time is 60-63 days and the plant grows bushy and open with dense colas and is a breeder’s delight. Plan for above average yields and total cannabinoid levels of 22%. The effects of Gelatti are known to be relaxing and euphoric. Gelatti packs a punch with dense, kushy nugs that come with big oily trichomes. The straight gas terpenes will make any old school OG lover’s day with a thick mouthful that coats your senses as you exhale into a stoney haze.


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