Gary Payton x ESOG (Leaf Doctor Cut)


  • Lineage: Gary Payton x Eastside OG
  • Breeder: Leaf Doctor
  • Flower Time: 63-70 Days
  • Structure: Increased Yield and Vigor, Extreme OG Structure
  • Yield: Above Average
  • Total Cannabinoids: 28%
  • Aroma/Flavor: OG Kush Flavor, Slight Floral Backend
  • Feeling: Euphoric, happy, relaxed, pain relief

Gary Payton x ESOG (Leaf Doctor Cut) is a rare top-shelf find, crossing Gary Payton and Eastside OG, bred by Leaf Doctor in Michigan. This cultivar provides above average yield with a flower time of 63-70 days. This plant screams OG from structure to flower and averages 28% in total cannabinoids. The aroma and flavor is OG kush with a slight floral background. Those who consume, report feelings euphoric, happy, relaxed and it helps with pain relief.

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