Tahiti Lime (Imagenetics Cut)


  • Lineage: Zkittlez x Dosidos
  • Breeder: Archive Seeds
  • Flower Time: 60-63 Days
  • Structure: bushy, light stretch, bright green and dark purple skinny leaves, fat dense elongated calyxes, resinous
  • Yield: Above Average
  • Total Cannabinoids: 22%
  • Aroma/Flavor: Lime zest, sour candy, slightly fruity, slightly earthy
  • Feeling: Relaxed, happy, euphoric
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Tahiti Lime (Imagenetics Cut) is a cross of Zkittlez x Dosidos, bred by Archive Seeds. Tahiti Lime grows bushy and has light stretch, bright green and dark purple skinny leaves with a velvet texture, and fat dense elongated calyxes. Average flower time is 60-63 days producing above average yields and total cannabinoid levels of 22%. Buds are remarkable and coated in orange hairs and trichomes. The aroma/flavor is unique: sweet lime and earthy. The lime is present in both the aroma and flavor and still present in the aftertaste when smoked.  Those who enjoy this strain report feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric.


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